Yoga has benefits way beyond back and neck pain relief.

It provides a sense of alertness, awareness and adaptability that can benefit everyone.

But for back and neck pain sufferers, it can be a realistic plan for a miracle. I know. Because I was there. And I know about miracles.

My name is Eric Peters and I have a story I would like to share with you.
At a very early age I was diagnosed with "scoliosis" or curvature of the spine. I spent my adolescent years in a back brace. I was limited to swimming as the only normal form of childhood exercise and recreation that I could enjoy. 

When my back brace was removed, it brought not relief, but more grief. I began to experience terrible pain in both my back and neck.

I tried everything you could imagine - acupuncture, daily massages, cortisone shots, chiropractors and physiotherapy. Although I would occasionally find temporary relief, the pain would always return. Until the age of 28, I was in constant pain. I am now 52, and still vividly recall my torment.

Let me tell you what happened at the age of 28:

My physician, Dr. John Backman (no pun intended), had just read an article on the tremendous benefits of "Yoga for the Back" in the New England Journal of Medicine. He told me about it, and since then, it has become my passion and my calling.

That is not only because it has freed me from my pain and mental anguish, but because I now have extensive training on how to use yoga to help others.

I have shared this knowledge to help many people who had thought they had no choice but surgery, individuals who could not return to activities they once loved, and others who were depending on pain medication just to make their lives bearable. I can help you too.